New Water Treatment Technology Replaces Ineffective and Wasteful RO UV and Water Softeners

New Water Treatment Technology Replaces Ineffective and Wasteful RO, UV and Water Softeners

For years, consumers have accepted wasteful, cumbersome water treatment systems because that was all that was available.

But Hanish Water is in the unique position to offer water treatment systems which use the most advanced technologies available.

The first notable difference between traditional whole house water treatment systems and WaterCrest is the size. But the compact size of the WaterCrest is not the only superior quality. Learn more about our most popular Whole House Water Treatment System, WaterCrest.

A traditional a point of entry (POE) water softener combines a backwashing carbon filter with a point of use (POU) reverse osmosis system. These outdated and wasteful systems remove the naturally occurring minerals in the water, minerals essential for life. Additionally, these systems require backwashing, wasting salt and water, and releasing harmful brine back into our aquifers.

Hanish Water provides the solution to yesterday's outdated and wasteful technology. Ten years of applying NASA-derived water treatment technology, engineering, testing, and refining have resulted in water treatment systems which require no salt, no electricity, no moving parts, no backwashing, and which waste no water.

Learn more about Hanish Water Treatment Technology.

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