World Water Day 2017 Focusing on Sustainability

The value of water treatment increases each and every time water is cycled and used. Why? Because each time water cycles through our homes, showers, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, toilets, and even runoff from our yards, there is more and more exposure of the water to the pharmaceuticals, chemicals and petroleum-based products that we use each day.

While here in the US and in most developed nations, there is little issue in accessing water, the real issue is the increasing need to access CLEAN SAFE water. We are seeing the infrastructure of our nation breaking down, with boil water alerts in multiple areas daily, and most contaminants that get into the water during these boil alerts are very dangerous. The affect of suddenly not having access to clean safe water is seen in the closing of schools, the emergency delivery of water bottles, and even businesses shutting down for fear of serving or cooking with dangerous water.

The importance of ensuring that your family has access to CLEAN SAFE water simply cannot be overstated at this point. Regardless of whether the threat is from pharmaceuticals and fertilizers that have leeched into the aquifer, or a man-made threat to the water supply, making sure that your family has clean safe water from every tap in their home will be of paramount importance when all other systems are failing.

This World Water Day we do promote the theme of the UN which is conservation and the recycling of waste water and grey water, but the fact remains that unless you have clean safe water in your own home, you may as well have no water at all.

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