Advanced Filtration Providing Superior Flow Rates – How Our Water Filters Work

Untreated water enters the WaterCrest from the left and passes through the PreFilter where the particulates are taken down to .01 micron and is then fed into the upper manifold and into the BioGuard. As the raw water passes through the special media which makes up the BioGuard it gravitates to the center of the cartridge where it make its way up and out of the BioGuard where it again enters the upper manifold and into the two ScaleInhibitor cartridges.

The semi-treated water is then split in two so it can pass through both of the ScaleInhibitor cartridges at the same time. Through the ScaleInhibitor the water is treated for hardness as it again enters the upper manifold for the last time before it leaves the Hanish Water WaterCrest System and on into your home. It’s this process that provides you a quality of water unmatched by any other water treatment system on the market today. The result is clean, clear, great tasting scale free water that still contains all of the healthy minerals your body needs on a daily basis.

What is PreFilter

The Hanish Water PreFilter is specially designed to act in a Dual Gradient manner which enables it to filter particulates in the raw water coming into your home from at least 30 microns in size down to 1 micron in size at very high flow rates. This special Dual Gradient design helps the filter last longer and protect the BioGuard. Learn more about WaterCrest 4, our most popular Whole House Water Treatment System.

What is BioGuard

Waterborne pathogenic microorganisms are a major source of disease worldwide. Pathogens and water system deficiencies that are identified in outbreaks may also be important causes of endemic waterborne illnesses. Of increased importance, however, are outbreaks caused by the microbial contamination of water distribution systems either private, or public. In light of the growing evidence showing the resistance of certain micro-organisms to standard disinfection methods (including chlorination and UV radiation) mechanical removal of these contaminants is often the most reliable choice.

The Hanish Water BioGuard filters are capable of retaining 99.9999% of microorganisms (such as viruses, bacteria & protozoa which can include Cryptosporidium, Guardia Intestinals, Legion Ella, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, E-coli, Mycobacteria, Aspergillus), Pharmaceuticals, Endotoxins & DNA – all at flow rates hundreds of times greater than existing virus rated ultra-porous filters. This NASA derived technology utilizes a non-woven thermally-bonded filter media technology that blends special fibers infused with additional nano-media properties. This blend acts as the scaffold upon which the active components of these filters are permanently affixed. The advantage to this technology is that it is an adsorptive removal process; this industry disruptive nanotechnology is based on attaching the nano-media onto a submicron bio state heat sealed cellulous fiber. This method makes available greater than 42,000 square meters of nano-fiber surface area per square meter of filter media. The Hanish Water BioGuard is a non-woven electropositive fibrous filter media with very high particle removal efficiency as well as very high dirt holding capacity. It’s flow rate is equivalent to, or greater than standard pleated filters that are rated at 3 microns. The Hanish Water BioGuard filter’s absolute rating is 0.1 micron, 0.01 NTU. Yet the peak flow rate through our standard 5” x 20” cartridge is 40 gpm with an initial pressure drop of less than 2 psi. Our BioGuard filters provide unusually high flow rates, yet provide extremely efficient filtration solutions for a myriad of applications. Whether used in the field in a pre-filtration mode for ultra-pure water systems, to produce laboratory or process water, in commercial/industrial water treatment, as a microbiological sampler, or as a stand-alone filtration device for disaster relief applications. The Hanish Water BioGuard filters perform at levels never before believed possible. The BioGuard non-woven electropositive technology accomplishes this by delivering the low pressure-drop (ΔP) associated with a 2 μ - 3μ filter, yet achieving a removal efficiency of 99.9% for 0.1 particles. As a result, the BioGuard surface area affords results in dirt holding capacity up to 25 times greater than other filter medias. In fact, the filter media in a standard BioGuard filter can capture and retain an amount of particulate which is 3.5 times its own weight. A BioGuard filter with its Quadruple O-ring Barrier has been shown to be effective for a bacillus and is expected to remove anthrax cells and spores as well as other biological agents accidently or intentionally added to the water supply.

Learn more about WaterCrest 4, our most popular Whole House Water Treatment System.

What is ScaleInhibitor For years, water softeners have been virtually the only means of reliably treating hard water. Other alternatives, including magnets, electromagnets, electrostatic devices and catalysts have been available but haven’t proven to be consistently effective on a wide range of water supplies. A recent scientific development offers the first effective and consistent chemical-free scale prevention method. ScaleInhibitor technology naturalizes calcium and magnesium ion water chemistry so that the calcium and magnesium ions do not scale out, preventing the formation of calcium and magnesium carbonate. When calcium and magnesium ions come in contact with the carbon based ceramic media inside of the ScaleInhibitor cartridge, ionic hydration is changed. As a result, the calcium and magnesium ions will not bind with the carbonate anions in the water and there is no formation of scale. This technology will not remove the calcium and magnesium ions from the water, but instead changes their chemistry so they can remain in the water but not negatively affect the hard surfaces they come in contact with such as your plumbing, hot water heater, fixtures, dish washer, washing machine, shower, tub, or any other water using appliances. If the hardness is tested before and after the installed WaterCrest, the hardness level will be the same. Since the ScaleInhibitor media in an insoluble material in water, it does not add any unwanted chemicals into your working and drinking water. So, as you can see we have taken Whole House Physical Water Treatment to a whole new level by incorporating NASA derived technology into our systems making them truly eco-friendly at a fraction of the size and requires less than 5 minutes of maintenance every 12 – 18 months. While others repackage and try to resell you their old technology by using new marketing buzz words, smoke and mirrors and special offers to convince you their filters will do the job. The truth of the matter is they are comparing apples with oranges. Their systems simply can’t match the performance standards set by the WaterCrest system with its industry leading proprietary PreFilter, BioGuard and ScaleInhibitor technologies.

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