Protecting Our Water for Future Generations

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum “the number one issue facing the world in the next 10 years will be access to clean drinking water.” In this report, researchers also state, “Challenges around water management are already immense…over a billion people lack access to improved water. Some 2.7 billion – or 40% of the world’s population – suffer water shortages for at least a month each year.” The public has started to demand the global preservation of, and access to, clean, safe drinking water.

We're proud to be providing solutions and resources to meet this global need and, and we've already begun working with government agencies in countries such as Nigeria. By replacing outdated, wasteful water treatment technology with innovative new water treatment solutions, Hanish Water is changing people’s perceptions of what constitutes “standard water treatment technology” and how it relates to the global landscape, starting with the water coming into their homes.

Learn more about water treatment technology that wastes no water, uses no electricity or chemicals, and requires no backwashing.

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