The Controversy around the Hazards of Traditional Water Softeners

The Controversy around the Hazards of Traditional Water Softeners

Water softeners use sodium chloride (salt) to regenerate. Much of that salt, and potentially other chemicals used to make the salt, stay in your drinking water and enter your body.

Additionally, water softeners dump billions of tons of sodium chloride into the environment, adversely affecting the availability of reclaimed water, taxing municipal water systems, introducing brine into our aquifers, and wasting billions of gallons of water every year!

Traditional water softeners remove all of the minerals from your water, causing the water to feel slimy and slippery. This can cause you to slip on smooth surfaces like in the shower, bathtub or on the bathroom floor, but did you know that removing healthy minerals from water can also have negative effects on the human body?

While it is true we receive many minerals in our daily diets, if they are removed from our drinking water, even a diet high in minerals cannot necessarily compensate for the absence of them in our drinking water. Many people buy supplements to replace minerals they could be getting from their water. Women, especially expectant mothers know the value of minerals in their diet. A lack of these minerals in our diets (like Minerals like calcium and magnesium) can create an imbalance in our entire bodily system, which could possibly lead to more frequent urination, decrease our red blood cells, bone density issues, and possibly increase our chance of cardiovascular disease.

I’ve spent my life in the water treatment industry and I can tell you this…. the only reason that water softeners are still sold in the U.S. is because no one, including maybe even the local, state and the federal governments, know that there is a reliable and functional alternative. Several states struggling with water conservation are working to ban water softeners entirely due to their huge chloride discharge into the environment, not to mention and the immense amount of water wasted annually. There are even counties in California where water softeners have been outlawed. Fortunately there is an alternative to water softeners, and reverse osmosis systems………the WaterCrest!

The WaterCrest is a revolution in water treatment and a paradigm shift away from old archaic water treatment methods. The WaterCrest treats water for bacteria, virus, cysts, particulates (down to 0.01 NTU) metals, DNA, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramines, bad tastes, bad odors, and hardness. It does all of this using NO electricity, NO moving parts, NO wasted water, NO chemicals, and best of all...NO SALT! It does all of this with a peak flow rate of 18 gallons per minute, with less than a 5 pound pressure drop across the entire system at thousands of dollars less than any would be competitive whole house system. Under these parameters, there is no other point of entry (POE) water treatment system on this planet that can compete with the WaterCrest. It is a one of a kind, and it stands alone. WATER IS LIFE!